Where Do I Find Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories
Google Web Stories

This article explains how to create Google web stories, what benefits they offer, and how to make the most of them. Web Stories are a relatively new format from Google that appear in Google’s search results, Google Images, and other Google searches. They are designed to help brands and businesses create immersive content experiences for their social media stories by creating tappable story experiences up to 30 pages in length. These stories pose a unique opportunity for businesses to stand out from the competition and provide compelling reasons for users to engage with them. In addition, they can be found in Google’s Results Discover page, which provides a powerful search engine experience.

Google Web Stories is also available on Google Search, where you can use the “Web Stories” filter to find them. These stories are also available on website homepages and other landing pages, so it’s easy to share and use them. Google Web Stories are tappable visual slides that allow publishers to create an interactive experience for users.

They can add links which display when the story is viewed in full screen format. AMP technology optimizes these stories for fast loading, so they appear quickly in search results and newsletters. With Google Web Stories, publishers can create engaging content that will draw more readers and boost engagement with their brand.

The web story format is an effective way to bring social media stories to life, as it offers a full screen experience that can be embedded on your website or blog. It also allows you to add interactive elements and other content to your story, creating a more immersive experience for readers. Google has launched similar content formats, such as stories.google, which showcases the best web stories from around the world. By using Google Web Stories, you can see strong results in terms of views and click throughs with readers engaging with your brand story.

Publishers who have utilized this format are seeing strong results from their efforts, with interactive elements and engaging visuals adding to the full-screen experience that Google Web Stories offers creators. Google Web Stories can bring various benefits for publishers looking for new ways to reach readers.

They can be found in search engine results pages as they appear when a person uses Google Search to look for something. Using Web Stories can help websites get a higher click-through rate compared to traditional web pages. As over 5.6 billion searches are done on Google daily, there is great potential for such stories to be discovered by readers. However, similar to other content, this also requires SEO optimization and following the setup process. Hence, the web stories require SEO optimization just like regular web pages in order for them to get discovered by readers.

That’s why you need to create and highlight your web stories, so that your readers can find them easily. You can consist web stories using custom post type that supports videos, images, texts, graphics and AR assets. Also, you can own your own archive page for easy navigation to different stories and make them easily accessible to readers. Moreover, you can integrate amp stories with woocommerce products if needed along with slides pages and landing page options. Furthermore, you will be able to optimize best click through rate by adding texts and graphics as well as other assets.

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