The 2023 Honda Accord: Everything You Need to Know

The 2023 Honda Accord is one of the most anticipated cars on the market and for good reason. As the successor to the widely successful 2021 model, the new Accord promises to deliver even more value, technology, and driving dynamics. So what should you know about the 2023 Honda Accord? Read on to learn all the essential details.

Honda Accord
Honda Accord

Design & Exterior

The 2023 Honda Accord will look remarkably similar to its predecessor with a slightly updated exterior design that is more aerodynamic. Some of the expected exterior design changes include redesigned front grilles and headlights, a more angular body shape, and sportier accents throughout the body. The car is expected to feature larger dimensions as well as more sculpted lines to provide a sleek, muscular look. Additionally, there will be a wider selection of available colors for the 2023 model year.

Interior & Features

Inside, the new Honda Accord is expected to provide an even more luxurious interior design with soft-touch materials, upgraded seating, and even more amenities. Some of the new features that may be available on the 2023 Honda Accord include an upgraded infotainment system, wireless charging capabilities, a larger touch-screen display, and advanced driver assistance systems. In terms of cargo capacity, the 2023 Honda Accord should have room for five adults and a good amount of cargo.

Performance & Engines

The 2023 Honda Accord is expected to come with two engine options – a 1.5L turbocharged engine with either an eight-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual, and a 2.0L turbocharged engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The 1.5L turbocharged engine will likely produce up to 192 hp while the 2.0L turbocharged engine is expected to generate up to 252 hp. The fuel economy of the new Accord is expected to be slightly better than that of its predecessor, providing excellent performance while also being fuel efficient.

Safety & Reliability

Honda is known for providing some of the best safety features on the market, and the 2023 Honda Accord should be no different. The car is expected to feature Honda’s latest driver-assist features including automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alert. The car should also feature excellent reliability and quality due to Honda’s commitment to safety and quality.


The 2023 Honda Accord is sure to be an exciting vehicle with its new design, features, performance, and safety. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable midsize sedan that looks great and is packed with the latest technology, the 2023 Honda Accord is definitely one to keep an eye on. With all that the new model has to offer, it’s no wonder it’s already generating so much hype!

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