How Much We Can Earn From Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories
Google Web Stories

This article discusses how you can make money from Google Web Stories, which are full-screen interstitials that are delivered as the user scrolls through a web story. You can monetize them in multiple ways, including affiliate links, sponsored content, programmatic ads or directly sold advertisements. Google Web Stories ads can help website owners to generate additional revenue, as they offer an effective and cost-effective ad format.

Advertisers bid in a header bidding solution, where they compete against each other to get the best deal for their ads. The higher the bids, the more impressions and clicks you get. The cost per click is based on a number of factors, including traffic quality and competition for specific keywords or topics. You can also use Google AdSense for your web stories, which are pay-per-click based ads that allow you to earn from each view or click on your story.

To use Google AdSense, you will need to get approval from Google. Once approved, you can insert ads into your web stories. You can also use other ad platforms such as Mediavine or even external ads from affiliate sites. Additionally, you can use the page attachment feature in your blog post to create swipe up links that take users to a product or landing page and allow you to earn money through affiliate marketing. With 10 posts or more, there are a few different methods to make money with Google Web Stories and these should be explored for maximum income potential.

Firstly, you can monetize your stories using affiliate links. This means that you will include links to products or services related to your story, and then get paid when people click on them. Additionally, you can create a dedicated page for stories on your site alongside hints and tips about how to write a good story. In addition to this, you should also include an affiliate link in your menu bar so people can easily find and access the stories.

Google Web Stories allows you to create quality web stories using their web stories plugin. You can monetize your web stories through content programmatic ads or by directly selling ads on the story website. The goal is to create visually appealing stories that capture the attention of viewers. You can also use popular tools, including affiliate links, to showcase popular tools and services available on your website. Additionally, if you want to use AMP framework for your webpages, Google Web Story provides an official page with instructions for doing so. With Google Web Stories, you have many ways to monetize your stories with sponsored content and advertisements that are directly sold or through affiliate links.

Using web stories to monetize your content is a great way to stand out from the competition and increase your click through rate. Websites can benefit from the over 5.6 billion searches per day on Google and the amount of users who are viewing the story content in full screen interstitials. The following setup process will enable you to have your web story appear in Google search engine results pages, so that when a user scrolls, they will be able to view your stories for extended periods of time.

This can result in higher engagement and more time spent by the user on your website. With this kind of number, it is possible to earn significant amounts of money from using web stories on Google, provided you follow the correct setup process.

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