How much does it typically cost to get a new battery for an F-150 Lightning?

To begin, the cost to have the battery changed in your brand-new Ford Lightning will vary widely from one model year to the next.

As an example, if you own a Ford Mustang Mach-E, a popular electric crossover, and you need to change the battery system. You’d have to shell out around $18,514 for the’standard range’ battery pack.

The base price of a Ford F-150 Lightning with a regular battery is $39,974.

A minimum retail price of $72,474 could be expected from an extended-range variant.

Costs begin at $54,669 for the 98-kWh Standard Range Battery. For another, the price of an F-150 Lightning XLT with the optional Extended Range Battery jumps up by nearly the price of a full-size Ford Maverick, or $19,500.

One source claims that the 100 kWh out-of-warranty battery, a popular option for Tesla’s longer-range vehicles, can increase range by as much as 100 percent.

It will be worth at least $16,100 in 2019 before costs like labour, taxes, and other miscellaneous fees are factored in.

Nearly two years have passed since Ford officially released the first Lightning EV, so current Lightning owners are understandably concerned about the cost of a replacement battery when the time comes.

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