Can an F-150 Lightning Charge on a Tesla Supercharger?

The fact that Ford Motor Company is giving away J1772 charging adapters for F-150 Lightnings at no cost hasn’t been met with any resistance.

Alex offered free charging to customers of the largest electric vehicle manufacturer at a nearby Tesla Supercharger station, but no one reported him to security.

The Ford F-150 Lightning has an intriguing feature that Tesla can benefit from.

You can charge your Tesla with a Ford portable charger and a Pro Power Onboard Power Supply.

It can be fastened to the back of the F-150 Lightning in the event that its batteries need to be changed.

A member of a forum for people who recently purchased an F-150 Lightning posted pictures of a Tesla with a new accessory.

According to him, early models of the Ford Lightning come equipped with an adapter that allows Teslas to be charged while parked.

He wouldn’t commit to a number for the number of F-150 Lightning owners who will get this upgrade.

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